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Automating your data exchange with Amazon

If you upload our template files via Seller Central rather than maintain your product data and orders manually via Seller Central, you may wonder how to automate this data exchange process between your local computer and your Seller Central account.

For this purpose, Amazon provides you with the “Amazon Merchant Transport Utility” (AMTU) which is offered free of charge. You can have AMTU exchange your data just by dragging and dropping the files into AMTU’s “outgoing” folder. If you think of an email program such as Microsoft Outlook – content that has been placed into the program’s outbound folder will be automatically transferred. AMTU works in the same way.

AMTU allows you to transfer file content to your Seller Central account. In addition, it also allows you to have reports such as your order and settlement reports automatically transferred to your local computer without having to go into Seller Central and downloading those files manually. If your data warehouse system is able to process and generate those Amazon files, then implementing a fully automated way of communicating with Amazon is made very easy. Every AMTU installation will run as a background service on your computer and therefore will also be available if a seller has not logged on to that computer.

AMTU is available for all major operating systems (Windows, Max, Linux, BSD). The program (which includes localised program documentation in English, French and German language) can be downloaded from the AMTU web site Please check if your system matches the technical requirements listed in the product documentation. For example, you cannot install AMTU on a computer that already hosts a web server. In addition, AMTU is currently not supported for Microsoft Windows Vista/7 operating systems.

Go to the AMTU web site, download the program binary that matches your operating system requirements, unzip the archive and then start the installation process. A detailed description of the installation process, valid across all operating systems, can be found in the program documentation. Note that it is mandatory to run the AMTU installation process with active Administrator/root access rights. Once the program has been installed, you will need to configure AMTU. Besides your Seller Central user credentials (email address and password), the configuration process also requires the “merchant token”. The merchant token can be accessed in Seller Central; go to the “Settings  Account Info” section. The merchant token can be found at the bottom of the page (e.g. M_MYMERCHANT_12345).

Use the program documentation for the configuration of your AMTU account setup. At the end of the process, AMTU will try to authenticate your user credentials by validating them on the Amazon server. When this process is successful, AMTU will be installed as a background service on your local computer.

Once installed, you can simply drop your product feeds, shipping confirmations etc into AMTU’s “Outgoing” folder in order to have these files transferred and processed. AMTU will check its “Outgoing” folder every five minutes. If there are new files, AMTU will automatically transfer them to your Seller Central account where the files are processed. AMTU will then move those files from its “Outgoing” folder to the “Sent” box, thus preventing the same file being sent twice to your account. Once the files have been processed, AMTU’s “Processing Reports” folder will contain the appropriate processing report files.

AMTU also transfers settlement reports and order reports directly to your computer once these files are available on Seller Central – so no manual interaction is required. Please note that if you are interested in receiving XML order/settlement reports, you will first need to get in touch with our Seller Support team – we will then need to configure your account for XML usage.

Summary: AMTU is a very easy way of automating your data transfers with Amazon. Further information about AMTU can be found on the AMTU web site and in the program documentation.



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