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Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) Europe is now shipping to all 27 EU countries

FBA Export in the EU has been extended to all 27 EU countries giving sellers increased flexibility and market reach to millions of potential new customers when offering their products with FBA on, and  FBA sellers in the UK have three options – domestic only, export to 9 EU countries or export to the remaining 26 EU countries.  Sellers are able to select and change their export options with the click of a button and the changes will be implemented within 1 hour of selecting a different option.  Moreover, no additional charges are made to Amazon’s sellers for this enhanced service.  Learn more under FBA Export to EU or contact our Seller support staff via the contact us link in your Seller Account.

Furthermore, recently announced free delivery to a significant number of other European countries for orders it sells directly.  This has been partially extended to products sold via FBA.  Many FBA items are now eligible for free delivery on orders over £25. Customers in countries benefiting from free delivery via FBA depends on the export option the merchant signed up for.  For sellers selecting export to 9 EU countries, free delivery over £25 includes destinations Ireland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy and Portugal.  For FBA Export to 26, this encompasses Ireland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Poland and Greece. There has never been a better time to use FBA to help grow your business. 

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