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Adverse weather conditions in the UK may affect the delivery of orders

Adverse weather is impacting deliveries across the country and may delay deliveries of orders in time for Christmas. We encourage you to contact buyers about the status of any deliveries that may be delayed. Buyers appreciate efforts to keep them informed about their orders.

We also encourage you to be realistic with your delivery estimates and take account of your carrier’s advice on the effect of weather. You can for example reduce the time you need to process orders in order to allow extra delivery time. The lead time to ship by default is set at 2 working days.

If you don’t think you can meet your current Christmas delivery promises, you can temporarily remove your products from the website, as follows:

  1. Set all of your listings to "Inactive" status (for more information, search on "holiday settings" in Seller Help)
  2. Or, set the inventory quantity of each listing to "0".

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