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IT support, London - 12/10/11 message on unrealist postal rates for Sellers.

I so agree, I just sold a book to Sweden and it cost me £9.76 and the pricing fixed by Amazon was 4.03 or something like that, which is totally unrealistic.

It is also impossible to seen anything to any buyer other than SignedFor , as there are too many people claiming alleged non receipt and are complaining to Amazon so they get a rebate. The fact is that they received the item plus a rebate, nice scam if you can get away with it and they do.

Amazon gave me a snooty response, when I mentioned this to them, that I should allow this in my pricing. How am I supposed to know in advanced, if the next customer is from somewhere in Europe or the UK. That would mean I would be ripping of British people and I think they get ripped off enough by the wholesale and retail trade.

I am not a retail outlet, that sells hundred of book a day to be able to afford warehousing facility Amazon offers. If I am lucky I maybe selling 1 book every three months

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I read your blog. Thanks for updated it. Report cost is depends on unit sells or other factors. Please gives details.

As there appears to be nowhere to contact Amazon on site I thought it best to add a comment. Re: Seller program and postage rates.

It is about time Amazon updated the postage costings for sellers. I've just sold a book to someone in London and the amount Amazon allowed on postage was £2.80 the actual cost of Royal Mail standard delivery was £7.60. A HUGE difference and one that erodes the nature of the seller program. Massive companies like Amazon may get special discounting for postage but as an individual seller, that does not apply.

It would be good PR if you took time out and looked at the postage prices across the board and had a system that was fairer and less restrictive.


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