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Benefits to Sellers and Customers Using FBA in the Festive Season

Consider increasing the number of faster selling items you convert to Fulfilled by Amazon during the busy run up to year end. This can result in the following benefits for your customers and incremental sales for yourself.

•   Amazon Prime and Free Super Saver Delivery: FBA items compete for the Buy Box showing £ 0 for shipping and most items qualify for FREE Super Saver Delivery and Prime shipping discounts.
•   Amazon Customer Service: Amazon handles customer service for FBA-fulfilled orders  including processing returns, which simplifies your festive season selling
•   Amazon's gift-wrap service: FBA-fulfilled orders are eligible for gift wrap services, adding a special finishing touch to any presents ordered.
•   Amazon's delivery promise for your products: Amazon lets customers know how late they can order your FBA-fulfilled products on Amazon in order to receive them in time for Christmas. This means more of your products can ship closer to the Christmas deadline with Amazon's delivery promise.
•   FBA orders can be combined with those from Amazon retail often leading to buyers adding FBA items to their Amazon order

If you have valuable products you're selling online, take advantage of Zero Fee Fulfilment  which means Zero Order Handling, Zero Pick & Pack, and Zero Weight Handling.  With Zero Fee Fulfilment, standard-size items selling for £ 300 or more will incur no  fees for orders sold on  Selling on Amazon fees, storage fees and other applicable fees still apply.  Please find an example of Zero Fee Fulfilment.

Best practices for Shipment Preparation

We also strongly urge you to comply with the best practices below for a smooth festive season:

•  Use EAN to match items when possible (see EAN and ASIN Matching Best Practices)
•  Do not send restricted items
•  Prep your shipment carefully—make sure all items and shipments are labeled appropriately (see FBA Help section 5.8 Packaging and Prep Requirements)
•  Make sure that quantity and items physically sent in a shipment are the same as those communicated while creating the shipment
•  LTL/FT shipments—make sure your carrier has secured a dock appointment
•  Be prepared to send items to different Fulfilment centres 

Testimonials from Sellers who are successfully selling their products internationally with Amazon

“Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) is the only way I know of allowing a one-man company to sell in multiple markets and turnover in excess of £1 million a year.  If I was to take this idea to ‘Dragons Den’ they would bite my hand off to invest”.
Julius Oliveti, Director of Gizmo-Deals

“Sales are up and we have access to an excellent customer base on Amazon in the UK and Germany”.
Sylvain Desprez, founder of French company Moeroshop admits that his business is years ahead of where it would otherwise have been thanks to Amazon.  He is now selling successfully across Europe too.

“Amazon has enabled us to easily expand our business into new international markets and grow our UK business through the economic crisis.  They offer an excellent low cost and low risk model allowing small businesses like ourselves to reach new customers all around the world.  Within 18 months from launching our products on Amazon’s international websites, 30% of our annual turnover is now from non UK sales.  Signing up as a seller has been one of the best decisions we have made as a company”
Ravi Karia from Universal Textiles based in Leicester who took the family business online

If you would like to know more about how to get started selling internationally, please visit our site about Unified Account and Amazon’s European Fulfilment Network or watch our video tutorials about How to configure your Amazon Europe Marketplaces account

Label units more efficiently with Scan & Ship

With our new Scan & Ship feature, you can build an inbound shipment by scanning Units using a barcode scanner, printing labels immediately, and adding the Units to a shipment with another quick scan. Scan & Ship is ideal for sellers who manage medium to large quantities of stickered inventory through the standard shipment creation workflow, rather than through Amazon MWS. 

Scan & Ship helps save time and reduce errors. Plus, it's configurable to your workflow. You can label all of your Units at once and add them to the shipment later, or you can label each unit and scan it into the shipment right away. Scan & Ship requires an Internet connection, single label printer, a bar code scanner, and thermal label stock. 

You can access Scan & Ship through your Seller Account under Manage FBA Shipments. Just click Scan & Ship to begin. For more information, check out the FBA Help 5.1.2 Scan & Ship.  

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