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  • How to maintain a good customer service performance on Amazon
                Tuesday, 16th April 2013: 4PM-5PM UK time
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Expand your offers internationally with the European Marketplaces Account

Amazon has unified its European marketplaces, allowing you to create and manage product offers on any and all of our marketplaces in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. You control what you sell where, and you manage your business from a single seller account interface.

Take advantage of the European Marketplaces Account to list your products on other Amazon European Marketplaces by using Amazon’s Expand Offers Internationally tool (Seller Central login required) This tool identifies a list of ASINs which are already localized for your target marketplace. Go to the Expand Offers Internationally tool (Seller Central login required), select your source (meaning the marketplace where you want to list from) and your target marketplace (meaning the marketplace where you want to list on) and request the ASINs in your inventory, which already exist for your target marketplace. Your inventory will be managed as a single pool available to all the marketplaces on which you choose to offer your products for sale.

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To be able to sell on Amazon outside the UK, you will need to satisfy the Amazon seller rules (Seller Central login required) applicable to that country. These are basic rules to ensure Amazon’s customers enjoy the best possible shopping experience, thereby improving the chances that they’ll buy your products. You need to provide a bank account in one of the countries supported by Amazon (Seller Central login required). You should be aware of the local and EU legal and regulatory requirements, and it is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with those that apply. Please read and understand the EU Import & Cross-Border Sales information before registering with Amazon as an international seller.

Finally, let Fulfilment by Amazon take care of your deliveries to other Amazon EU Marketplaces from your local inventory pool using Amazon’s fast and reliable European Fulfilment Network (Seller Central login required).

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Ideas to boost your sales in spring


With the dark winter days drawing to a close, Amazon shoppers are looking forward to the arrival of spring and the Easter holidays. Cast an imaginative eye over your selection to ensure you can offer what your customers are looking for at this optimistic time of year. Think about chocolate* and decorations for the Easter celebrations, sports and cold-weather gear* for last-minute winter getaways and all those garden and outdoor products for family weekends and holidays.

*The following stores require prior approval to start selling in: Apparel, Grocery, Beauty, Health & Personal Care, Jewellery and Watches.

The Right Product at the Right Time

The business reports section (Seller Central login required) can give you valuable sales and traffic insight to help you fine-tune your range to accommodate the seasonal shoppers.

SSBUK_Post20130321_business reports

  • Look at what you were selling this time last year – have you got sufficient inventory of the key sellers and could you look at bringing in any similar products to drive additional sales?
  • Can you take advantage of the seasonal demand to clear out relevant slow-movers or aged inventory?
  • Take a look at the Page Views metrics for your best-selling seasonal lines - perhaps there is more you can do to increase the view-to-order conversion rate for your offers, such as a slight price adjustment or adding more product information to the detail page.

Promote your products

Remember how attractive promotions can be for shoppers browsing on Amazon; a promotion could lead to a spontaneous buying decision by highlighting your offer over those of your competitors. There is a variety of promotional options available for you to choose from. More information on:

Please note: Software and Video Games products orders are excluded from free-shipping promotions. BMVD Products are excluded from all promotions.


Key factors that affect purchase decisions on Amazon

Did you know that “product details” are the key factor influencing purchase decisions on Amazon (Amazon Customer Experience Study)?

SSBUK_Post20130315_listing quality

In fact, all successful retailers know that if their offers are well presented and easy to find, customers are much more likely to buy them and, more importantly, come back again. Good presentation really does boost sales.  

With the huge array of offers on display on Amazon.co.uk, it is critical that your product listings maintain the excellent standard of detail and discoverability that our customers expect. Therefore, we recommend you to check the Listing Style Guidelines Amazon put at your disposal in order to ensure that your products are discoverable, attractive, accurate and, most importantly, sellable.

These guides are easy-to follow manuals, with clear examples of "do’s and don’ts" and provide information on everything you need to create a great product listing, for both content and discoverability, including product title, images, bullet points, product descriptions, brand and manufacturer, model & part number, what's in the box, search terms, browse and refinements.
There is also information specific to your method of data upload – whether via the Add a Product tool in Seller Central or via inventory file templates.

For more information about creating high quality listings, search for “listing quality” in the Seller Central search bar.

Finally, don’t forget to register for our upcoming webinar on the topic:

Create your product listings and improve your listing quality
Tuesday, 19th March 2013: 11AM-12PM UK time
Level: Beginners / Topic: Product listings
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Broaden your knowledge and sign up for Amazon’s upcoming educational webinars

Amazon is striving to pass on helpful information to make you more successful with your business and your use of Amazon’s Seller tools, features and reports.

In this context, we regularly offer free webinars, meaning one-hour online training sessions for sellers, which are presented by Amazon experts. Topics include:  

  • Product listing quality
  • Seller performance
  • Selling internationally
  • Fulfilment by Amazon
  • New program/ services/tool launches

The webinars are aimed at new, as well as existing sellers, interested in driving their business on the European Amazon Marketplaces.

You can participate in these webinars either by registering via the Amazon Services website or you can subscribe to our webinar invitation mailing list. Amazon experts will be at your disposal to answer your questions during the webinar.

Don’t miss our upcoming sessions on the following topics:

  • Create your product listings and improve your listing quality

Tuesday, 19th March 2013: 11AM-12PM UK time
Level: Beginners / Topic: Product Listings

Finally, in case you missed or could not attend a session, all past webinar presentations and recordings are available on the Amazon Services website.

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